Wk 14 – Classmate Conversation


The classmate that I met this week is Mark Nguyen. Mark is a second year like myself who is studying Nursing (not like myself). Mark has always been a kind person since the day I first saw him but didn’t really get to meet him because we’re always too busy looking at something else. I believe that Mark will be a great friend throughout the years because we generally have the same interests.

He believes that attaining a standardized education has become the norm for success in today’s world and by 2036, it will be absolutely expensive in response to the high demand for it. Several thousands of schools will be receiving probably about 500% more applicants than today’s time because of how much kids and adults are yearning for an education in every country. Most, if not all classes will be taught in an online classroom setting or hybrid in the future because technology will definitely make our lives easier as seen with all classes today with grades being posted online. People need to realize that online classes are limited right now and that they should take advantage of them while they’re empty. A distant, yet so near future approaches and the education standards will probably increase as the years go on. We both ultimately believe that to receive a higher education, people must be willing to put out an immense sum on the table to do so in the year of 2036.



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