Wk 14 – Art Activity – Instagram Hashtag



In my instagram account @drinksandpictures I uploaded this photo above. Instagram in my opinion is the one of the top most popular social media platform along with facebook and twitter (recently snapchat as well). I believe that Instagram has done a fantastic job in encouraging people to pick up their cameras and capture memories. This task is something that people usually forget as they’re growing up and end up with no memories to look back on. Sometimes people even use instagram as a platform for public service announcements and it is a brilliant idea as seen by President-Elect Donald Trump to use the media to his advantage.

Instagram is a wonderful invention in today’s world where we are constantly yearning to prove to the world that we are out eating amazing food (sarcasm). Pictures are worth a thousand words, plus a caption is extra as well. Why not let people guess those thousand words themselves with the help of your caption? I appreciate Instagram so much.


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