Wk 11- Classmate Conversation – Melissa Passarelli


Melissa Passarelli was a fun person to meet and tzlk to! We were looking at Caryn Aasness’ exhibit together and I just asked her how her day was going so far. Like any other person, she was sort of shy in the beginning, but once we warmed up the conversation a little bit further, she opened up and we began talking about art. We managed to segue into the question of the week: “Is the way Demi Lovato reacted to fan-art justified? Why and why not?”.

Melissa and I after several minutes came to the conclusion that her reaction is not justified. Fan-art has the word art in it, and what we have learned so far in this class is that ‘art’ is about self-expression through any means. Dancing, singing, drawing, or painting alike are all forms of art. Of course nobody would want to see someone else’s depiction of them as inaccurate. It can attack a person and make them feel insecure. However, Lovato should not have reacted in a way that presents anger and resentment toward the artist. I feel that she should be appreciative that someone had the time and effort to draw her in that shape and form. I believe fan-art is amazing as most people I follow on instagram would repost a fan-art that was created for them, whatever the looks. Melissa believes that her reaction in such a negative way overall may damage her reputation as a celebrity if the news were to go even more viral than it already has.


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