Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Caryn Aasness


For week 11, our class had the opportunity to meet Caryn Aasness. She also gave us her instagram username at: levelyellowproblemchild in the Merlino Gallery. Aasness was very open about her art. The text on her fabric seems to be directed at the audience that does not take time to analyze situations in life prior to making sudden judgments or decisions. When I first walked into the exhibit, I saw that every single piece of fabric to be symmetrical and detailed to the point where it seemed unrealistic.

Caryn talks about how much commitment it requires in order to create a piece of fabric into art that we saw on the walls. Her artist statement  “Weaving is a vehicle for color, color is a vehicle for language, and language is a vehicle for ideas.” breaks down an abundance of statements that we may be thinking of the time. From a more deeper context, her art helps people realize a unique and keen aspect in their life. essentially teaching us a lesson; what art is all about. She is a 4th year Art student pursuing at Fiber Arts degree.


I got a lot out of this exhibit because I saw how much effort I put into it trying to read the whole page. I actually did read the whole page and began reflecting on my life. I’m not sure if that was the intention, but I did appreciate that wake-up call from this artist statement.

Some more of her pieces around the other walls in the exhibit truly demonstrate her superb quilting skills and has a beautiful contrast from left to right of each piece. The way I see it is, Caryn constantly encounters people who don’t take the time to appreciate certain creations in the world. I know from personal experience that people are always so quick to judge. Without seeing the two ends of every story, people will never be able to be true to themselves. What I will take home is the lesson that Caryn taught me by not being so hasty on my actions and to consider what is in front of me. It was a deeper level of meaning for me than most of the other exhibits I saw.


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