Wk 10 – Art Activity – Fiber Art Social Network


In art this week, we got to visit Professor Zucman’s office! Man, the amount of spirit in that tiny office is vibrant and very welcoming. Of course, I got lost with my friend Brandon on the way there. We then saw other classmates walk toward the building stairs and we followed them. The office has been filled with strings connected with each other in just about every possible way. A social network these days is defined as an application downloaded on the phone to help us engage in communicating with our peers, families, and coworkers in a much more convenient way. When I read Professor Zucman’s blog post on this activity, I thought it involved using our Facebook or Twitter. But when I realized what the activity was in person, I was truly shocked. Beautiful patterns emerged from all over the classroom wall as we connected with those we knew. Those people then connected with others that they knew; creating a vast social network. I appreciate this activity because although some classmates may not know each other, they already do through a common friend. I did not managed to get the whole wall in this picture, but it does show justice to the description of the activity. I am impressed with this assignment and it taught me that I will never truly be alone in this school and world.


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