Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Daniel Bonilla-Vera


This week in Art, we met some amazingly-talented artists as usual. However, I’ve come across the exhibition called: “A Non-Degree Exhibition” by Daniel Bonilla-Vera and his friend. He is one of the artists in the picture above, and he has a much more contemporary form of art for his exhibition. It was easily-relatable by most of my peers. Their art is meticulously detailed with its effects on human emotion. Intro dialogue included “intense anxiety washed over me as if I were in the midst of something life altering.” Daniel recently got denied to the BFA photography program for the second time at CSULB and is a fourth year art student.

These two pictures are examples of his exhibition that are a representation of self-degrading because of his denied request for acceptance into the program. It can be interpreted as a “rocky” time upon seeing the decline letter for admission.

The figure below the strings is suppose to represent him and the strings above are suppose to represent his world. When people become angry and engulfed in frustration, the idea chaos ensues as everything we deem valuable and precious no longer bears any meaning in that moment. It is a crucial time in order to learn the harsh reality of the world, but most importantly, we need to fall in order to learn how to become better for ourselves. It is really sad to hear that Daniel was not accepted, but with enough determination, he can possibly do more than what the program has to offer if art is his dream.


A more closer look, I felt genuinely heart-broken upon seeing this because I have been denied admissions to certain colleges and although I don’t regret anything that has happened, the feeling of not being accepted cuts deeply. Whether it would be social groups, family bonding, or school, being left out is a sad burden to bear. I know that the artists behind this exhibition are meant for success because of their guts putting up this presentation. I am certainly impressed.




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