Wk 9 – Art Care Package


My ACP is being sent to my girlfriend-my best friend Theresa with all of these photos printed through Walgreens photo department. I will pack all of these photos into a nice envelope as presented in the picture above and send it to her maybe 5-6 years down the line. This ACP is more like an appreciation post for me because the art of gratuity is one that is often understated for the amount of good things that happen in our lives. The top picture is my girlfriend in her freshmen year of college. I hope one day she looks back at how her sorority shaped her to become who she is today. A cultural moment for me is joining the team of eco-friendly drivers. Those keys unlock my 2016 Toyota Prius and is absolutely stunning while conserving high gas mileage and emitting fewer smogs. My girlfriend and I cruise around with it a lot and we actually saved at least $55 since the time we got it. These moments will be forever cherished.

  1. An art care package is similar to sending a Snapchat in the sense where I feel that people become elated upon the receiving of a message from a person. I personally feel awesome whenever someone sends me a snapchat because I feel like I popped up into their minds when they are about to send it.
  2. An ACP is different from a Snapchat because the images sent in a Snapchat may be of the moment and will not mean as much as a physical care package that requires more thought involved preparing it.
  3. Ephemera is an amazing feeling because of the ever-passing time in our lives. Simply put it, our lives are going quicker by the day, and the car that a person has depreciates with time in monetary value, but appreciates in worth and sincerity for the owner. As time progresses, classics are created and is considered a rarity in society. Upon looking at old family photos, the strange feeling of ephemera make the moment a beautiful one if viewing the photos with a group.
  4. There is a slight difference; the difference of representation and messages being sent. The audience plays a major role in the creation of these care packages because the art is for a specific person’s viewing satisfaction.
  5. Yes, there is a way that an ACP can contain love that is much more different than a Snapchat. ACPs have memories and meaning through the effort that is compiled in order to create it. Sometimes a snapchat becomes too common as well, being an everyday app with millions of users that an individual snap may seem meaningful for a split second. Sometimes, people send snaps repeatedly of the same occasion and thus has no meaning at all. On the other hand, an ACP is significant because of the most obvious reason; we will not have it disappear in 7 seconds! The art of appreciation goes a long way because favors go both ways for both parties.



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