Wk 8 – Art Activity – Japanese Garden Sketching



So this week for our 2:30 class, we had about an hour to do as much sight-seeing and drawing as we could in a tranquil environment. In my opinion, we should do more field trips in order to see the different aspects that the campus has to offer. On the campus on a Tuesday or Wednesday, the whole campus is filled with people everywhere and thus, the amount of activity and noise levels will be much higher than the area we visited for this class period. The Japanese Garden was definitely serene. It is not my first time here, but first time here to actually focus on the beauty of it. The spot where I was standing is my favorite aside from standing on the southwest side of the Japanese Garden where we can see the whole site. My sketch looks pretty identical to the original picture (I bet you guys can’t tell which picture is the original). I’m joking by the way, but I’m glad we got to visit the Japanese Garden. The hours that they’re open to when they’re closed is during school times. I wish sometimes we can see how the garden looks at night when it’s lit up with lanterns. That would be a beauty. The moon festival in Asian countries are absolutely astonishing at how beautiful they are in the night.

Some more pieces that I sketched altogether in one session. The weeds protruding from the pond is amazing as I would not expect to see how every piece of greenery in this garden all come together and function as an ecosystem for the creatures that inhabit it. Below that is a little birdhouse-post all around the site. I hope we have the opportunity to do more campus-bound trips to explore and sketch more in general. Definitely a great time was to be had from the looks of everybody’s concentration during that hour.


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