Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – Tim Chung

Man, we have not posted classmate conversations in a while it seems. Also, we’re halfway through the semester! Everyone is always into the art exhibits these days (maybe cause we literally are at the art exhibits having a good time). This week, I met a guy named Tim Chung. img_9596

He looks like one of those dancer guys I used to compete with back in high school, but he’s actually pretty studious according to his major. He is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering major at this school. This is his second to last semester before he leaves us, but he’s a pretty interesting guy. He was just enjoying himself at the Japanese Garden when I met him and we started talking about what we liked about the garden. We agreed it was definitely tranquil.
Regarding the classmate conversations, for the first question I asked him what he viewed as a piece of art. He responded with: “Holograms. Mainly because they are futuristic in its nature. I’d say it can inspire others to keep innovative toward that future” I’d have to agree with him. Movies like Iron Man showcase the presentation aspect of the hologram to be awesome! The second question was an agreement between us. We both stated that art is another aspect of the free world and that if our future children were to want to pursue an art career, we would support them fully. Though I feel like art is such a broad term, I would personally recommend them focusing a bit more in a certain kind of art. Finally, the last question was: what was the difference between both of our first home screens upon unlocking the phone.

From these two pictures (his on the left), we can see that Tim is quite an organized person. While my phone on the right is a conglomerate of my daily apps that I have become too lazy to group together evenly. We are both used to the location of every single one of our apps, so we would not necessarily need a change. However, I see that it is meaningful if we have a beautiful wallpaper, to group the apps together so we can enjoy the wallpaper behind the apps; like how Tim did there. I had a great time meeting Tim and drawing at the Japanese Garden.


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