Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – Blaine Scot Prow

In this week’s artist conversation, I did the interview with Blaine Scot Prows, the shapes-fanatic. The exhibit was named ‘Extrustions’ in the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery. img_9444


Extrusions according to the dictionary means, “to thrust, or push outward”. As seen with this exhibit, the square background is complemented with a triangular pyramid.

As with the rest of the exhibits, there are different shapes within shapes. These shapes all come with different sizes. Prow is completing his last year here at CSULB in the studio arts. Having a natural affinity toward geometry, he has developed a unique sense of satisfaction by creating subtle connections between two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures.The precision is impeccable as there are perfect angles involved in the creation of his pieces, and the little need to adjust or refine the art.

Being a mathematician in his earlier years led him to choosing mechanical engineering as a major for the construction of cars, but soon decided that his passion lies in the designing aspect behind the scenes. In a little introduction of his upon entering the exhibit, Prow gives instructions on how ‘Extrusions’ came to life. Three dimensional objects are most certainly always connected to two dimensional objects, and this exhibit accentuates the adage: “everything is connected one way or another.” Many works in Prow’s exhibit embellish his math-oriented mind and appear to be very time consuming. But with practice, the art becomes very much enjoyable to create and display. The first image looks very mind-boggling from the surface, but from a side-angled view, it is even more fascinating.


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