Wk 6 – Art Activity – Flip Book


I feel that when I initially discovered flip books as a child, I never imagined that it would be so awesome to watch. I call this flip book of mine: “The Great Chase.” The idea came to mind when I saw an old video of the cartoon ‘Tom and Jerry.’ But in the midst of watching it, I thought of aliens and thus came the creation of this flipbook of mine. It has a comic relief when the dark claw cannot catch the star and becomes infuriated.

The back story I believe goes appropriate with the flip book is that a ‘dark claw’ searches the “dream land” in search of a star which we’ll eventually wake them up from the nightmare. As the star gets away and exits thru the portal, it is safe from entering an endless nightmare; the fate that the claw endures everyday until it preys successfully upon a fallen star.

A story that has been lingering in my mind for weeks now has been finally put onto paper and able to be expressed through the flip book. I am happy to be able to create a simple piece of art for a project in art. I hope I will be able to create more awesome flip books in the future if I were to come across the occasion.


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