Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Jane Weibel

In the art showcasing area, there was a showcase in the Gatov Gallery West called “I am a Feminist” by Jane Weibel. Weibel proudly delivers that she is a feminist. “There is deep cynicism and mistrust inside me. I move through my days absorbing micro-aggressions like a champ..” (An introduction to her exhibit).

She is in her final year at Cal-State Long Beach and is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine arts in ceramics. Like many people, passion is not something you can wake up knowing, as it must be discovered through our journey to success. Jane began as a biology major before switching to study art. Art is a broad term with many definitions. It is not limited to merely drawing and painting for there is additional pieces of Weibel in this exhibit for representation. The size of the artwork in the room is much more larger than the typical painting because it is able to demonstrate the degree in which her message wishes to be conveyed.

Women are often judged by their demeanor and I agree that it is unfair that a woman is under more scrutiny when it comes to limitations than men.

My first thoughts as I walked through the gallery went along like: “Dang, that is a big cube.” As I approach the cube, I see that it is constructed with tiny holes to see through. The only association that I can think of that the artist is trying to convey is that women are trapped from the world outside of them. It may seem cliché, but women are confined within the norms of society and can only observe as time passes by. The colors on the cube are from the artist’s natural affinity to illustrate with vibrancy and there are many colors on the spectrum just to do that job.


This art piece is really unique because of the many ways that it can be interpreted. I appreciate that there are no text contexts to go along with the piece because it leaves the message to our intuition. From the bottom up, all the women are picking up the rock which appears to be massive to them. My analysis of this piece is that the boulder is to represent strength and to a lesser degree, the male role. Males are associated with the arm strength to carry the boulders in life, and although the pictures show that the women are struggling, they are able to carry it as well. All of the women are able to carry the boulders at the top picture, each in their own unique way, and essentially shows that every women is different but equal at the same time.


Finally, we have the shredded paper exhibition. The different colored papers are a neat touch. The artist says that each strand of paper is representative of the identities of women are merged and forgotten due to societal standards. What makes the message that more meaningful is the fact that the pile stretches so high, which speaks the severity of the message on its own.

The different portrayals of women being subordinate to men are accentuated through Jane Weibel’s artwork in this gallery, and I am grateful to have been able to learn about her world as it is something that I have not yet encountered upon in my life.



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