Wk 5 -Art Activity: Spray Painting

Wow! This activity was the most fun of all the prior activities because I have never used my own spray paint can. I didn’t know how to begin using it at first so I had to google “how to use Montana Gold spray paint can.” When I found out and saw how easy it was, I can say that I’m pretty embarrassed that it was so easy. Apparently these spray paint cans are the best of their kind, and I found it very beginner friendly with the different tips for refinement. Spraying my name was so much more difficult than I first imagined. This activity is very rewarding because I now know the thrill of spray painting!


The final result, a lot of jagged letters due to lack of spacing and incorrect color combination because I accidentally outlined some of the letters in a messy way. I can redo my name with a blank slate, I would but that would mean that I did not learn from my mistake. Regardless, this activity is one I will definitely do again in the future with some of my friends.


I then began to draw something else to make up for my horrendous attempt at spray painting my name. I initially had the idea in mind to draw a shark, but I was thinking of clowns at the same time, so on the top of the painting would be: the jester’s hat, and on the  bottom is the tail of a shark. Both are completely arbitrary thoughts, but I was thinking of the Joker with the color yellow and the shark with the color blue. Luckily, the two colors that came along in my art kit are two colors that I enjoy associating myself with because they are so bright!



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