Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Jan Talmadge Davids

In the note prior to scoping out the entirety of the room, we come across this letter that conveys that society has taken a keen interest in our lives, and as such, we should not be afraid to express ourselves. As we grow up, our inner recluse emerges  and requires a form of communication with the outside world. These notes do a perfect job at it as it takes effort and attention to get to know someone, and the artist does a fantastic job at that. Jan Talmadge Davids presents us with that very exhibit of closed thoughts that are now open to the public. Some of the language is very offensive to the public, and the disclaimer on the window of the exhibit warns people before taking any offense to heart.


As we can see here, I feel that the artist is a female that constantly questions the role of women in society. Not in the way where women are useless, but the extent that women are viewed by society as objects and can be used for anything other than their desires. It touched me reading this because I had not ever intervened within the thoughts of a woman to this degree.


In these two cards, it tells an anecdote of a close and memorable event in the artist’s life. I appreciate hearing about stories like these whenever someone has something to say because it is a memorable event that perhaps help them grow. You can tell a lot by the diction and syntax that a person uses to convey their story. The last note is sincere because it shows how much genuine care she admitted to having for her lost friend.

Finally, it bums me to see that not all thoughts are ready to be expressed to the public, no matter how much it tries to pry it out of us. This note if observed very meticulously says: “Just wasn’t that into me”, indicating trials and hardships experience by the heart. It is a sad thing to see, but only the artist knows of the great sentiments experienced during this time of creating these bits of memory.img_9348



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