Wk 4: Art Activity – Automatic Drawing

In completing this week’s art activity: Automatic Drawing, I worked with my girlfriend, Theresa. It was a rather easy project to do since it didn’t require any strenuous activity. However, when we initially closed our eyes, we giggled and laughed like how the assignment introduction stated, and then it took about ten minutes before we can actually begin because we were deciding so long on what to draw. We tried to visualize and draw our dog, but for the sake of the project, we did not coordinate because that would not be classified as “automatic”, so we closed our eyes and allowed for a nonverbal source of communication; essentially allowing the writing utensil to guide itself. In my mind while I was drawing, it did not seem to be cohesive because it was rather difficult to exert my control over her will to move the pen. For her, it was the exact same reaction, and we both came to the consensus that the pen moved itself. It seems crazy, but it seems that when you have a connection with a certain action, or person in this case, unknown forces can either enhance or degrade that chemistry. Together, it looks like we drew a flower of different colors, but that was not what we were intending. It’s crazy how we imagined drawing our dog, but it turned out to be a sort of flower. We both enjoyed the assignment as it was considerable bonding time as we worked on it. We did not become frustrated that we were not in control, but rather we became relaxed because it wasn’t us in control of the drawing.



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