Wk 3 – Classmate Conversations

So in week 3, I walked into a new group of peers! From left to right, we have Mark Nguyen, Alyssa Bui, Justin Pham, and Daniel Martinez. The group seemed like they already knew each other so I just politely interrupted their conversation and introduced myself. I find it amazing how Mark, Alyssa, Justin and I all have some Vietnamese heritage when I thought they were mainly Filipino. Anyways, in our group, we all huddled around in the Marilyn Werby Gallery to talk about our interpretation of Alvaro Alvarez’ response to classical music. For sure we all came to the thought that the piece was definitely unique because of its style. The video recording of Alvaro creating the piece was one of the most exhilarating and breathtaking procedure ever as he danced and painted simultaneously. We are all 2nd years except for Daniel, so we are relatively unfamiliar with the different variations of art that are present in the world, like Alvarez’s. This group of individuals were very motivated to get an A in their classes this semester so I am excited to further collaborate with them if needed on future art projects. Regarding the ‘Response to Classical Music’, we were able to talk to Alvaro and go in-depth asking him questions such as: “What is your favorite color..”, “Why did you choose to do this form of art..”. In response to those questions, he answered with “Cool colors”. It seems ambiguous but then it resonated to us that a cool color can be any color that we feel emotionally connected to. He chose to do this piece because it was a big step out of his comfort zone and that he felt like he needed to do something like this once in his life. We all enjoyed the exhibits around, but this work of art is what stirred this friendship.


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