Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – Alvaro A.S.F.

This week in the Marilyn Werby Gallery in the exhibits, I received the privilege to meet Alvaro Alvarez (in short because he has three last names and he told us to refer to him as Alvaro Alvarez)! He is a transfer student, and the first generation college student as he is the first in his family to attend a university. Alvaro’s project consisted of a response to the subject of classical music. While it took him several hours in three days in order to complete the project, he described the process as very invigorating and cathartic the moment he finished it. As we all grow up, different genres of music have entered our lives and whether it would be pop, hip hop, or rap, people each have their own taste in music. Alvarez noticed that in our times, it is uncommon to turn on the classical music that has been a pivotal point in music history; so he did a project where he would visually depict his response to classical music. Specifically, he illustrated ‘an introduction to an opera, an overture’. The piece that he finished is presented below. Upon initial sighting, it is a lot to take in; mainly an array of colors and a bunch of life to the canvas. There is a lot to take from it because the artist himself felt like he completed a task that he has been meaning to do for a while now. “The wires and the clothing each represent a character, and that’s what I feel that this piece of art is about.” Alvarez was a genuinely sweet guy. We conversed about his ambitions, and he discussed that he had dreams of becoming a contemporary art teacher for the youth to help them reach out and figure out their dreams in life. Alvarez talked about how in elementary to high school, art is limited to a pencil, paintbrushes, and paper. There is never a project where students have to perform the presented art below, and that he is trying to get that out into the world. I further questioned him on his incentives, and he says that he will be opening up a portfolio and donate his art rather than profiteering from it in the future.img_9290


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