Wk. 2: Classmate Conversation

This week in the class, a fellow classmate brought up the question: “Is art important in the world?” I discussed with my fellow group that was formed quite spontaneously if I don’t say so myself. I pooled ideas with Faisal Alotaibi, Gustavo Portillo, and Alfredo Reyes our thoughts on why art was important. We all pretty much summed up to the notion that “Yes, art is very important in the world.” People are very diverse with their ethnicity, backgrounds, and cultures growing up. However, in society today, people are plagued with a social epidemic of concentrating solely on toiling for the rest of their lives. It is easier to fall apart mentally as sometimes the work that we do fails to incorporate our personalities and passions, which categorizes us all as the same type of people rather than individuals that we were destined to be. Art unites us by distinguishing us each in our own special views which cannot be defined by anyone else. So yes, art is important solely because no two people have an identical thought process and that expressing art is a way of living. This expression can be through drawing, painting, sculpting, or even designing blogs to allow people to see what is in each other’s worlds than their own.

These were my wonderful peers that I had just met. As you can tell, we all get along quite well. 🙂



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