Punished by Pay

Sometimes, the money gets to our heads. Everyday we wake up, go to school/work, all for what cause? The goal of making tons of money in the future can be derailing and we lose ourselves on the way. People battle anxiety, stress, and trouble everyday and it eventually accumulates into problems for our health. Some say money isn’t happiness but we all know that it’s what makes the world revolve.

I did not want to do it with one dollar bills because one dollar cannot buy you anything these days. I like seeing fives and twenties because Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln were awesome presidents (just kidding-remember the trail of tears). I went to a Chase kiosk and withdrew over $400 in fives and twenties.

I really enjoyed the last two assignments because they are not the typical “open the book and practice on paper” assignments. But rather, it made me think and act on my perspective of the world today. My girlfriend helped me take pictures and embellished my surroundIng with money. And overall, we enjoyed having all these bills in front of us, ready to be spent. I took her to dinner after and we spent none of it.



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